Our Vision

Our ‘Vision of Healing’ is to provide a culturally safe service that assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) in their healing journey to address the impacts of family violence by providing opportunities to become strong individuals and families; live in safe communities and have healthy lives where pathways to recovery for our people can be achieved.

Our Vision determines that… ” Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families and communities to live free from family violence.”

The vision also supports the ideals and philosophy of the Victorian Indigenous Family Violence Task Force Report (2003) where it stipulates the provision of a holistic approach in a cultural and spiritual environment, underpinned by the integration of Aboriginal teachings into individual services and interventions to support and protect victims of family violence, deliver specialized services for women, children and men, provide guidance for perpetrators and sustain the recovery and healing of individuals, families and communities.

Our Principles

  • Recognizing and understanding who we are as Aboriginal people and the legacy we have inherited from Australia’s past history of colonial violence and dispossession.
  • Cultural integrity, respect, safety and connectedness within Aboriginal and mainstream services.
  • Safety and security for victims of violence.
  • Strong community relationships and positive role models.
  • Shared responsibilities – assisting victims and perpetrators on their healing journey so they can participate fully in life and community.
  • Respect for self and others.
  • Promoting emotional and social health and wellbeing.
  • No violence – in the home, in the family, in the community or in the workplace.